Crop Report for March 10, 2021

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The sun is out and it has been dry for almost a week and farmers are spreading fertilizer on wheat and completing greenhouse seeding. Do not forget the resistant weeds from last year in your soybean fields and other crops you plant. Remember, spraying one chemical year after year builds resistant plants which produce resistant seeds which, in turn, become more resistant plants next year. Modes of action example: Round-Up is a mode of action, Treflan is a mode of action, Extended Max is a mode of action. Being able to identify the weeds, create a plan to combat those resistant weeds using different modes of action and cultural practices to win the war on resistance. We need to be careful when spraying – always go by the label and do not over or under spray. Use the right mixture with water and nozzles that give you good coverage on the plant but does not drift. We have done the one chemical solution for many years and we are battling resistance – we need to keep our options; it takes 10-15 years to bring a new product to market, so manage your chemical rotation well.

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Gary Cross, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionGary CrossArea Agent, Agriculture - Field Crops Call Gary E-mail Gary N.C. Cooperative Extension, Granville County Center
Posted on Mar 10, 2021
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