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Cover photo for 2019 4-H Summer Fun

2019 4-H Summer Fun

*REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED!* It’s officially here! Registration this year is, once again, completely online. To see the list of classes …

Cover photo for 2019 Field Days

2019 Field Days

Our county Extension agents have several excellent field days planned for this summer. There will be a diversity of …

Cover of publication

Trees & Utilities

This new North Carolina Urban Forest Council publication by NC State University’s Dr. Barb Fair is a wonderful resource …

Cover photo for Food & Nutrition Lunch N' Learns

Food & Nutrition Lunch N' Learns

The summer is a time where many people get foodborne illnesses because they are not practicing proper food safety, …

2019 Soybean Yield Contest

The NC Soybean Yield Contest categories have changed from previous years for the 2019 Soybean Yield Contest and moving …

Cover photo for FCS Impacts & Programs

FCS Impacts & Programs

Want to know what is going on with the Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) program over the next few …

Cover photo for To Plant or Not to Plant?

To Plant or Not to Plant?

By: Rachel Vann and David Holshouser Now that the weather has turned hot and dry, and with limited rainfall in …

Cover photo for NC Safe Plates

NC Safe Plates

The Person County Cooperative Extension will be offering “NC Safe Plates” for all those who work in the food …

Earworm Resistance

For the last three years, NC State Extension has been looking at earworm resistance. North Carolina being a cotton …

May 8, 2019 Insect Update

Moth traps are filling up catching black cutworm, earworm, and stinkbug, both green and brown. Also, fall armyworm moths …

Exploring New Farming Opportunities?

Niche farm enterprises and selling farm products directly to consumers are the ways today’s more profitable farms are making …