Free Radon Kits Online

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As the turning of the seasons brings colder weather to North Carolina, and families close windows to keep warm, it is an excellent time to make plans for radon testing in your home. Radon is the odorless, colorless gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The effects upon the families it touches can be just as devastating as lung cancer caused by smoking tobacco. January is National Radon Action Month. Each year upwards to 22,000 people die from radon-induced lung cancer. Roughly 54 percent of those diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer are expected to live no more than five years after diagnosis. We recommend that you test your home for radon and lower your family’s risk of lung cancer.

Unfortunately, radon kits are not being sent out to local Cooperative Extension offices as they have in the past. You can purchase kits that are fairly inexpensive at local home improvement stores. Or there is a limited supply of FREE kits from the NC Radon office that you can order online.