Crop Report Week of July 13, 2020

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Wow! The heat is bad all crops under stress tobacco being watered corn twisting soybean stunted. Bud worm has been out there if you have not already been spraying you need to be scouting! Tobacco was already yellow and thin because of to many early rains now the drought is taking its toll on shallow roots. Stinkbugs seem to be getting worse I am seeing trap number go up so are army worm moth numbers. Many are spraying late soybeans for grass/ broadleaf weeds out growing soybeans especially late planted. With the dry weather the soybeans set in the soil waiting on a rain then germinated then came up with excessive heat drying out the ground below. Earlier planted corn is doing better but is pollinating and silking and water is needed during this time so we could see some blank areas on the ears. Lets hope we get some relief this weekend with some rain. Keep scouting your fields for insects, weeds, diseases in all crops!