June 26, 2020 Crop Report

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Quite a bit of work is being done in the fields this week as it drys up from weeding tobacco to doing lay by with fertilizer. Some tobacco farmers are spraying for bud worms. My bud worm moth count has been up this week so scout fields! Due to rain, I have not have had as high of counts on stinkbugs. Rain limits moth flights at times after it stops you get a better reading. Corn is progressing, some yellowing in spots due to large amounts of rain. Much of the corn has been for a while too big to get a second application of nitrogen. Soybeans are looking okay but the wet saturated fields create less nitrogen nodulation which slows the nitrogen fixation process for nutrients. The hard rains impacted soybean emergence, driving the seed deeper and crusting over making emergence difficult. Look out for stinkbugs in soybeans and tobacco bud worm, army worms, and cut worms on late tobacco, and sugar cane aphids on sorghum type crops. Scout your fields!