Tips for Profitable Forage Production

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Black calves with yellow ear tags standing in pasture.

Spring born calves in summer pasture.

Here are 6 tips to make your forage production system more efficient. Original article can be found at UT Forage Publication

1)Follow soil test recommendations for fertilizer and lime.

2)Add legumes such as red or white clover. This adds nitrogen, increases forage quality and reduces fescue toxicosis if you have KY 31.

3)Stockpile tall fescue in fall to lengthen grazing season. Grazing is cheaper than making hay.

4)Minimize hay storage losses. Round bales stored outside, on the ground, uncovered can lose up to 40% in volume due to rotting.

5)Control weeds. Contact the Extension office for help on timing and herbicide suggestions.

6)Use good grazing management. Controlling when and where the animals graze increases pasture efficiency.