May 18 Crop Report

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With having a dry spell the week before, we are getting plenty of moisture this week. I have concerns about to much rain and weak tobacco plants from the frost. Also, pegging in plants will have to wait a while. Corn seems to be responding to the rain and cool temperatures are keeping the yellow cat but when warmer weather hits the root, growth to nutrients will green it up fast.

Soybeans are responding well also to the rain, popping up out of the ground with no crust on the soil. Some wheat has been hurt by the frost and excessive rains will create disease when it warms up. The cool temperatures are keeping the disease down for the time being. Insect issues are about the same, but watch out for stink bugs in small corn, soybeans, and tobacco – the crop is small and the bug counts are up. Same goes for army worm and black cutworm – the damage can be great when plants are small. Scout and check your fields see what is out there!