Deadline for Farmers to Apply for NC Hurricane Disaster Relief Program Extended

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The North Carolina Legislature has approved extending the deadline for farmers to apply for the Hurricane Florence and Michael Disaster Relief program to Thursday, December 20, 2018. In addition, farmers form 11 additional counties are now eligible to participate in the program. Farmers in counties still waiting for a declaration from the Secretary of Agriculture should also go ahead and submit an application.

“We don’t want to miss any farmers that are eligible for help through this program,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “To qualify for assistance, a farmer only needs to farm in a disaster-declared county. Payments from this fund will be based on county averages for loss and yield rather than individual losses.”

This assistance is available to farmers who suffered crop losses including apples, barley, corn, cotton, hay, industrial hemp, nursery crops, specialty crops, tobacco, peanuts, sweet potatoes, livestock, aquaculture and more. To apply, farmers should go to the Hurricane Florence and Michael Disaster Relief Program page. Eligible producers will need:

  • A Form 578 on file with the USDA Farm Service Agency for USDA reported crops.
  • For crops not reported on FSA Form 578, a summary of loss with map and physical address of crops.
  • For livestock/poultry loss, a copy of payment or registration of loss for USDA LIP.
  • Completed W-9 for producer SSN/EIN.

Farmers should contact their county N.C. Cooperative Extension Center for more information and assistance with the application process. The Granville County Center contact information is (919) 603-1350 or email