Three Year Corn Emergence Study

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After three years of plot work Granville and Person Counties on corn emergence day 1 vs day 3 emergence a yield difference of 50 bu has been averaged. Corn that emerges on Day 1 is 50 bu better than corn that emerges on day 3. 50 bu x $3.75 corn price= $187.50 per acre difference. How can we improve on the emergence issue and up our yields. The first is always check planter calibration from field to field. Not all soil types and field conditions are the same. Also definitely wait until soil temperatures are above 60 degrees this gives seed a chance to come up more uniformly which is what you are after. Also check on fertility through soil sampling and use a starter program to have fertilizer placed close to furrow for quick up take. Look at the seed you are buying ask questions some varieties have good emergence some are slower check with your seed dealer. Corn that is coming up day 3 and later is not going to get the yield quality due to being behind all season and in competition for sunlight, fertility from the day 1 plants. Uniform stands means more yield in any crop the technology is still not there to have 100% of plants come up at the same time but if we can increase the number of day 1 plants are yield should improve.